Quality control is an important management challenge that has a direct impact on ZHICHENG's brand strength. We recognize that quality control problems are serious matters that must be resolved so that customers will be fully satisfied and will trust the reliability of ZHICHENG's products. In order to ensure that we are able to provide products of good quality, we listen carefully to the voices of our customers in developing new technology. With that goal, ZHICHENG established a reporting channel to gather product quality problems, information and opinions from its employees, distributors and end users. We are engaged in a company-wide effort to improve not only the quality of our products and services, but also the management quality of all company activities that create these products and services. Our training programs enhance the skills of our technical engineers. We undertake quality testing and simulations to check the quality of our products in all stages. By assessing the functionality and reliability of our product at every step from product development to manufacturing and final delivery, we strive to maintain the highest product quality.

By implementing the above measures, ZHICHENG aims to steadily improve product quality and reliability in order to increase overall product strength through an integrated system extending from planning and design to service and repair. Because we believe your success is key to our growth.


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