As one of the fast growing manufacturers in the industry, ZHICHENG produces a wide range of incubator shakers, drying ovens, laminar airflow cabinets to meet the specific research needs of biological, pharmaceutical and material testing applications. For our customers, we offer reliable and advanced instruments that help them achieve greater research efficiency. Building on more than three decades of innovation and expertise in the field, ZHICHENG is capable of providing the customers with advanced and reliable instruments at affordable prices. We are striving to achieve our goals through a renewed technology commitment and the industry's best sales and service team, because we believe technological innovation and customer satisfaction is key to our success, and it is this dedication and passion that makes ZHICHENG till today.

Our Qualifications

ZHICHENG is an ISO registered company, and its range of products are CE marked for EU member countries as well as many other countries that recognize CE.


ISO registered

CE Marked




Tel: +86 21 62990303 Fax: +86 21 62991077 Email: zhichenginstrument@163.com
Add: No.2222 Huancheng Road (West), Nanqiao Town, Fengxian District 201400, Shanghai, China.