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  For our customers, we are dedicated to help them achieve greater research efficiency by offering them innovative, reliable instruments at affordable prices. Building on more than three decades of expertise in the industry, ZHICHENG is capable of producing a wide range of laboratory instruments to meet the customer's specific research applications.

We believe in delivering the highest quality products and services. Throughout our product development process, we establish and measure our practices against pre-defined quality standards, ensuring consistently high standards in the products we release. It is this commitment that makes us different.
Today ZHICHENG is one of the fastest growing manufacturers in the industry and delivering world-class products globally¡­


At ZHICHENG, we are dedicated ourselves to bring advanced and innovative research instruments to customers in various industries all over the world.
Throughout ZHICHENG, you will find a wide range of shakers, incubators, drying ovens, clean benches that can meet the specific needs of your research applications.
We have dedicated people who have the passion and expertise to create solutions that enable customers to chieve greater research efficiency.
We recognize that quality control problems are serious matters that must be resolved so that customers will be fully satisfied.
One feature has powered the success and growth of ZHICHENG---Innovation. We encourage our emplyees to release their creative potentials that lead to successful innovation.
As its marketing strategy, ZHICHENG aims to forming strategic partnerships with distributors in strategic locations.


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