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We compared several equivallent offers from a number of suppliers against a set of criteria and requirements, finally we had decided on the ZHWY-200B shaking incubator. We chose ZHWY-200B primarily based on its robust functionality as well as its multiple advanced features. We have been very impressed by its user-friendly interface, sleek appearance and precise temperature control. We enjoy working with it.

Professor. Michael Shoo, Dr. Institute of Agriculture Research


I found the ZSD-A1160 incubator on the internet and felt it is the right fit for my research application. So I send my request and got the quotation process started. We ordered our new ZSD-A1160 a few days later. The unit is responsive and easy to use, it allows us to quickly implement our project while maintaining our budget. It is worth purchasing.

Linda Yuong Senior Researcher
Department of Product Development
BioFront Technologies Inc.

Our customers were demanding more advanced, more reliable equipments from suppliers in order to improve yield and productivity. The current equipments available did not provide the level of performance and quality that we were looking for, and was not cost-effective. Partnering with ZHICHENG allowed us to share the cost burden for the project and win many successful orders in the tenders.

Scott Patel Director. LabExpress Distributions Co.,Ltd.




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