The Class II A2 Biological Safety Cabinets released by ZHICHENG are designed to protect personnel, sample, the environment from exposure to biohazards agents of low to moderate risks that require Biosafety Level 1, 2 or 3 containment. The Cabinets provide the following three basic types of protection for work in the life science, clinical and pharmaceutical fields.

◆ Personnel protection from biohazards agents inside the cabinet
◆ Sample protection to avoid contamination during experiment or process
◆ Environmental protection from contaminants contained within the cabinet

The Biological Safety Cabinets incorporate a number of features include:

● Built-in sash position alarm that is triggered when the sash is raised above its operating height.
● Room air is drawn into the perforated front grille through a front access opening with carefully maintained inward airflow.
● Approximately 70% of the air recirculates through a supply ULPA filter and 30% exhausts through an exhaust HEPA filter.
● An integral alarm system constantly monitors the volume of air exhausted. Should the exhaust air volume drop below an acceptable level, an audible and visible alarm triggers, and the blower stops.
● Intrinsically safe negative pressure design captures any contamination, preventing its escape into the laboratory.
● Interlocked UV light only operates when blower and fluorescent light are off and sash is fully closed.
● 10° sloped, tempered safety glass sash for less glare and more comfortable viewing.
● One-piece, crevice-free type SUS304 stainless steel interior minimizes the potential of any leaks.

Technical Specifications

Models ZSB-900 II A2 ZSB-1200 II A2 ZSB-1500 II A2 ZSB-1800 II A2
Category Class II, Type A2
Airflow Mode 70% air recirculated, 30% exhausted
Setting Digital
Display LCD
Operating Condition @ ambient 10-30 degree.C, RH humidity 85%, air pressure 80-105Pa
Inflow Air Velocity Nominal 0.5~ 0.6m /s
Downflow Air Velocity Nominal 0.35m /s (±0.015)
Sash Opening 200mm 5mm )
Sash Control Manually-controlled
Supply Filter Type (main) ULPA
Supply Filter Efficiency ≥99.999%@0.1-0.2µm
Exhaust Filter Type HEPA
Exhaust Filter Efficiency ≥99.999%@0.3µm
Illuminating 650Lux
Disinfection UV Light
Noise ≤67dB (A)
Alarms ULPA/HEPA filter monitoring alarms
Power Supply AC 220V 50/60Hz
Workarea Dimension 930x635x655 (mm) 1230x635x655 (mm) 1540x635x655 (mm) 1840x635x655 (mm)
External Dimension 1120x805x2270 (mm) 1420x805x2270 (mm) 1730x805x2270 (mm) 2030x805x2270 (mm)
Power 550W 660W 800W 1100W
Net Weight 205kg 250kg 295kg 350kg




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